GBWA aims to support a different Christian charity every two years.

Previous projects

  • Global Aid Network is a multi-national network of ministries serving to demonstrate the love of God, through word and deed, to hurting and needy people around the world through relief and development projects.
  • Rainbow Association provides care for street children, has a children's home and organises a feeding programme.
  • Livelihood Project, Philippines is a facility for training men and women enabling them to earn a living and support their families.
  • Caring for Life is a registered Christian charity with the aim of sharing the love of Jesus with homeless or vulnerable people by providing accommodation, ongoing support, love and friendship.
  • Lovewise works with schools and youth groups to encourage young people to consider making good relationship choices.
  • Wheels for the World restores and distributes refurbished wheelchairs, mostly to people in Africa, giving them increased independence and demonstrating the love of God in a practical way.

GBWA Project for 2014-2017

FOMFriends of Mandritsara work in Madagascar - serving the gospel and the community in and around Mandritsara.

For the most recent news of 'Friends of Mandritsara' go to their website:

If you would like someone to come to speak to your group or church about the work in Mandritsara, please fill in the form on the Mandritsara website.

The slide show briefly illustrates the project (hovering over a photo stops it changing).


Sharing Magazine

Sharing Magazineis published twice a year and is distributed nationally through local Grace Baptist churches.

Women in Grace Baptist churches are not only encouraged to read Sharing magazine but they are also encouraged to contribute to it.

Sharing Magazine can also be used evangelistically to encourage women to think seriously about the Christian faith.


In the Autumn issue of Sharing Magazine ...

  • A brief look at some of the parables in Luke's Gospel.
  • A rugby club at church? Find out the 'how' and 'why'!
  • Recipes, reports ... and much more.

Friendship Link

rosesFriendship Link was set up to support women who live alone, who have no family of their own or who are confined to their homes.

The coordinator of Friendship Link puts volunteers in touch with women who need friendship and support.

They receive letters, phone calls, birthday cards and occasionally flowers - which are all welcome expressions of Christian love and friendship.

If you would like further information, please contact: GBWA - Friendship Link.