Grace Baptist Women's Association started in 1949 in order to support and develop women's groups in Grace Baptist churches throughout the country.

Basis of Faith

A fuller statement of the doctrines listed on this page, with their scriptural support, can be found in ‘We Believe’ - The Baptist Affirmation of Faith 1966 (Published by Grace Publications, ISBN 0946462 00 3)

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What is a Christian?

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The message of Christianity is really quite simple
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GBWA aims to promote and encourage a wide variety of Christian work among women, such as:

  • Women's meetings
  • Mother and toddler groups
  • Senior citizen's clubs
  • Bible teaching
  • Area gatherings
  • and all kinds of evangelistic outreach

We also raise funds specific projects. Our project for this year is Friends of Mandritsara in Madagascar which aims to share the gospel and serve the community in and around Mandritsara.

Every year GBWA organizes a weekend or day conference which is aimed to teach women more about their faith and encourage them to live biblically in the modern world.


Our basis of Faith

  • The eternity, equality and distinct personality of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the unity of the Godhead.
  • The plenary and verbal inspiration of the Old and New Testaments, and their infallible authority in all matters pertaining to faith and practice.
  • The fall of mankind in Adam – their guilt and condemnation – together with their entire and universal depravity, by which they were alienated from God, and are unable, in and of themselves to turn to him.
  • Eternal and personal election to salvation.
  • Particular redemption by the vicarious sacrifice of Christ.
  • Justification by grace, through faith, by the imputed righteousness of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Regeneration and sanctification by the direct agency of the Holy Spirit, through the instrumentality of divine truth. Saving faith is the sovereign and gracious gift of God.
  • The absolute necessity for a holy life, as the result of true faith and the evidence of regeneration.
  • The final perseverance of true believers.
  • The preaching of the gospel to every creature of the fallen race of Adam is a divine command and a solemn obligation.
  • The necessity of baptism by immersion, on a profession of repentance and faith, as a condition precedent to church fellowship and admission to the Lord’s table. The congregational order of the churches.
  • The resurrection of the dead and the universal judgment, the everlasting punishment of the wicked and the everlasting happiness of the righteous.