GBWA Committee

Joan Eeley

Conference Secretaries:
Lena King

Patsy Jackson

Friendship Link Secretary:
Patsy Jackson

Magazine Editor:
Natalie Parsons

Northern Secretary:

East Midlands Secretary:
Marylyn Smith

East Anglia Secretary:
Shirley Pontin

Bucks and Herts Secretary:
Rachel Watts

Central London Secretary:
Lena King

East London Secretary:
Hazel Randell

SW London Secretary:
Sandra Piggott

South East Secretary:
Maureen Swales


The current Committee members can be found on this page. They organise the annual conference, Sharing magazine, Friendship Link, support for Special Projects and the Needs fund.


The association will be called 'Grace Baptist Women’s Association' and hold to biblical truth as expressed in the doctrinal basis.

The association is for the benefit of all women in membership of or connected with Grace Baptist churches and other churches who adhere to all doctrines of grace as stated in:

  • 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith
  • We Believe – The Baptist Affirmation of Faith 1966
  • A Guide for Church Fellowship.


The drawing together of all women connected with Grace Baptist churches, with a desire for helpful fellowship and mutual assistance.


Where practical, the association will be divided into areas. Area secretaries will be appointed by each area.

While the local arrangements of individual churches will not be interfered with, the association will assist in forming a definite link between the women, resulting in closer spiritual fellowship.


The affairs of the association will be conducted by a council to be made up of area secretaries and a number of national members who will carry out the following tasks: chairing meetings, secretarial duties, finance, administration and co-ordination of national events.

National members will be appointed by the Council.

Churches will be encouraged to make an annual donation to the association general fund, through their area treasurer.

Approved accounts will be presented annually to the Council and will be available on request.

Changes to the constitution and rules may be made only at a Council meeting.