Below are many of the reflections that have appeared on this website over the last few years. They can be used for your personal encouragement or as outlines for talks or Bible studies. Why not take a look?


encourageWhen you get together with other Christians, perhaps after a church service, what do you talk about?

In Hebrews 10 v 25 we read: "… let us encourage one another and all the more as you see the Day approaching."

spacerWhat does it mean to encourage one another?

On overcoming worry

rocking chairOne of the most interesting questions that arises from the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1 is the reason for Hannah's radical change.

In verse 7 we read that Hannah 'wept and would not eat.' By v18 Hannah's face was no longer downcast.

spacerWhat was it that changed Hannah's attitude so dramatically?

Haggai 1

scrolls"It's not time to build," the people reasoned.
Haggai exposed their excuses for what they were.
They had wrong priorities ... they were putting their own comfort before God ... they were not concerned about God's glory.

spacerWhat does Haggai say to the church today?

Lessons from Titus

BibleSometimes when we read the Bible we tend to concentrate on just one verse, one phrase or even one word …

... and we fail to grasp the 'big picture' that the book/letter is teaching us.

spacerWhat is the ' Big Picture' of Paul's letter to Titus?


rejoice"Rejoice in the Lord"

It's an easy thing to say, it's an easy thing to sing ... but what does it mean? Trawl through a concordance looking at examples of rejoicing in the Lord -

spacerFind examples of those who rejoiced in God's character ...