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South East Day Conference May 2010, Bethersden

pot of gold

More Precious than Gold

Over 140 women gathered for the 6th annual conference. Ruth Williams from Swindon Evangelical Church spoke on 'More Precious Than Gold' - lessons from 1 Peter.

Session 1, ‘Something better to come’ was an introduction to 1 Peter, with a focus on our glorious inheritance in the Lord Jesus Christ. It was so encouraging to be reminded that we are being guarded by God’s power for the day when we will receive our inheritance. The same power that defeated sin and death through Jesus, is the same power that will bring us safely to glory! Listen to Session 1 - wma 15MB

ruth williamsSession 2, ‘Something certain to cling to’ focussed on how Christians need to think in times of trial. We are not to let our circumstances dictate our theology. We are to interpret our circumstances in the light of God’s character, not the other way around!

We need to remember that the refining fire is proof of our preciousness to Jesus. When does the Refiner know the precious metal is ready? When all He can see is His reflection in the gold. Listen to Session 2 - wma 13MB

Session 3, ‘Something lasting to gain’ challenged us to strive for Christian maturity.

The battle for holiness begins in the mind, which is why it is so important that we read God’s word on a daily basis. ‘Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.’ The evidence of God’s work in us is a life of holiness and Christlikeness. Listen to Session 3 - wma 17MB

Ruth gave us a helpful challenge to consider before we speak - is what we are about to say:conference

  • True
  • Helpful
  • Inspiring
  • Necessary
  • Kind

God’s purpose is perfection!

God will not stop until His work in us is complete. However hard the trials are to go through, we can be sure it is worth it as the image of Jesus is revealed in us.

We had prayed that God would give us a felt sense of His presence at the conference and He very much answered those prayers. We are thankful for the teaching Ruth brought us and the very real encouragement and challenge God gave us through that teaching.

Vicki Gardner

GBWA(SE) Seminar February 2010


The seminar took place at Borough Green chapel on the 6th February. Over 100 women from seventeen local churches attended.

There were two sessions.The first session was entitled 'What the Bible teaches about the church and women's role in it.' The speaker, Andrea Trevenna, took us to Genesis and reminded us of the Biblical pattern we see recorded there. She pointed out that men and women were created equal but different. This pattern of equal but different is ultimately seen within the Trinity itself. God the Father is the the loving initiator while God the Son responds and submits to His Father's will.

We looked at some New Testament passages and saw how this pattern of equal but different was to be worked out in the life of the church.

Listen to Session 1 - wma 6.1MB

The second session was entitled, 'How to make the most of Women's Ministry in the Church.' Andrea reminded us of the sort of things women can do in the church:

  • Teach and train other women
  • Teach children
  • Contend for the cause of the Gospel
  • Be involved in church service
  • Model right patterns of leadership and submission
  • Use our gifts in the service of others

We were also reminded that women's ministry is not just about meetings - but primarily about people and relationships. We should be helping one another to grow in godliness.

We were given a number of very practical suggestions as to how we should pray for each other and encourage one another to grow in godliness.

Andrea concluded the seminar by enouraging us to make the most of the opportunities we have to reach out with the Gospel. She reminded us of the importance of genuine friendship in all our dealings with others and how it can be a powerful witness to the world around.

Listen to Session 2a - wma 5.9MB

Listen to Session 2b - wma 8.8MB

GBWA(SE) Conference May 2009



The conference was held at Bethersden and Jane McNabb was the speaker.

Jane started by saying she was very much aware of wanting to make God the centre of the studies - and she certainly did just that.

Twice Jane quoted that wonderful verse in Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope."

Jane challenged us as Christians to stand up for what is right, like Mordicai. Showing by living godly lives the love of the Lord Jesus Christ so that others are drawn to Him .

Mordecai's message was like a massive full stop to Esther's panic in chapter 4 v13. It was full of truth, and full of God.

We need to give the same message to young Christians around us. We need to tell them, "you are chosen, you are ordained, the road for you has been marked out in advance." We as a Church need to teach our young people to prepare them for this life.

Jane challenged us with these questions.

  • Are we quiet for God?
  • Are we challenging others to follow Him?

What we do as Christians affects our families, our churches, it affects us nationally and globally!

We should throw ourselves into the gospel.

"Peace from God is not a sedative but a stimulant"

God asks us as His daughers to follow His calling in this life. To be gospel sharing women, and women who cling to the promises of God.

A report by Rebecca from Tunbridge Wells

GBWA(SE) Seminar - February 2009

Lifelines to a needy world

In the first session, Irene Clarkson gave three reasons why we should evangelize:photo

  • the glory of God - (from Psalm 96) There is one God to whom all people belong.
  • the grace of God - (from Eph 2) We cannot know God as the God of glory unless we first know Him as the God of grace.
  • the purpose of God - God is building His kingdom and preparing for Himself a kingdom people, with Christ as king.

Roxie then spoke on Titus 2:1 to 3:8 and told us how important it is that our lives should be consistent with our profession. She reminded us of the importance of building relationships with people - which often takes a great deal of time. photo She asked the question, 'Why should people listen to us if our lives do not show our faith in Christ by the way we live?'

In the final session Gwen Mellor gave us many practical ideas of how we can share the gospel with our families and neighbours. She stressed the importance of prayer. Each day we should pray for gospel opportunities, remembering that the people with whom we come into contact are our mission field.

Listen to Session 1 - wma 5.5MB

Listen to Session 3 - wma 7.3MB

(due to a problem with recording the first part of this session was missed)

"Love the gospel ... live the gospel ... share the gospel"

GBWA (South East) Annual Conference - April 2008

A recording of each session is available using the links below.

The conference, organised by Grace Baptist Women's Association (South GBWA conferenceEast), was held at Union Chapel in Bethersden, Kent on Saturday 19th April. Over 140 women from SE London, Kent and Sussex attended. The title of the conference was, 'Unguessable Chemistry - God's sovereignty in an uncertain world.' The speaker, Ann Benton, explained God's sovereign providence at work in the story of Ruth.

In the first session, Ruth chapters 1 and 2 were considered.

  • The opening verses in Ruth GBWA conference amply demonstrate that life is full of trouble and sorrow.
  • The experience of human kindness bears witness to the fact that people are made in the image of God.
  • The book of Ruth teaches that our sovereign God is kind - in His creation and provision, in His common grace, in His laws and in His welcome.
    Listen to Session 1 - wma 8.0MB

Ruth 3 and 4 were considered in our second session. Lessons were learnt from the actions of the main characters in this story.

  • God's sovereign purposes never preclude responsible action - Naomi, Ruth and Boaz were all depicted as people with great integrity. Their agenda was honourable and they followed God-given guidelines.
  • God's sovereign purposes are often surprising.GBWA conference
  • God's sovereign purposes encompass all of history - at the end of the story Naomi had a 'son'; from that son came a king for Israel and ultimately, a redeemer for the world.
    Listen to Session 2 - wma 11.6MB

Our final session focused on 1 John 3 v 1-3

Our true identity is not determined by our relationships, our looks, our achievements or our performance. It is determined by our relationship to God.

  • We are loved extravagantly
  • We are children of God
  • We have a secure future - one day 'we shall be like him.'

Listen to Session 3. The first four parts each end with a question ...

Part 1


Complete: "When a child feels loved, he/she ..."

Part 2


What are the common ways of discriminating between people? What decisions could you make today which could strike a blow against materialism? What are the good reasons for making such a decision?

Part 3


Imagine you are about to attend a reunion of your old school/college friends. What would you fear and of what would you be most proud or ashamed? How does the backdrop of eternal life affect our attitude to the achievements of ourselves or others?

Part 4


What do you understand by the idea of purifying yourself and what is the reason or motive for doing so?

Part 5


Conclusion of session

GBWA(SE) Seminar - February 2008

The Seminar 'Help for Hurting Christians' was held at Borough Green Chapel on 9th February 2008. The first session, taken by Irene Clarkson, put the subject into a Biblical context. (Listen to Session 1 - wma 6.4MB)

  • Her first point was 'Understanding God's Character' and she took Hannah as her example. Hannah was so distressed that she could neither eat nor worship God. Her understanding of God was changed as she cried out to Him in prayer.
  • The second point was 'Understanding God's Purpose'. For that she looked at Romans 8 v 28. It was pointed out that all things do work together for good ...but only to those who are God's own people. The 'good' is not our comfort, pleasure or gain - but rather to be conformed to the image of His Son.
  • The third point was 'Realizing God's Provision.' This was taken from 1 Corinthians 12 where Paul talks about the local church being like a body. In the local church we belong to one another and have a responsibility for one another.

The second session was taken by Barbara Hoppe and was a very moving account of her experience and how God took her through it. She explained that we need to be vulnerable and willing to share our hurts with one another. Our home groups would be a good place to do that. Barbara explained how she was kept going through some very trying times. She used the Psalms when she felt she couldn't pray herself. Sharon James' book 'Gentle Rain on Tender Grass' was also very helpful. Above all, it was the knowledge of God's unwavering love that kept her.

The third session, by Jen Watkins, was about helping those with depression. The Scripture used was 1 Kings 19 - about Elijah. Jen pointed out some key areas. The depressed person needs time - time to rest and sleep. When you are with people suffering depression don't be afraid of silence. Job's friends were at their best when they simply sat with Job for seven days. Touch is also important - just a touch on the shoulder can often mean more than a lot of words. Also, assure people that you are praying for them.

Jen also explained how the church can help in prevention of such an illness:

  • Sharing the work fairly and realistically.
  • Not expecting perfection.
  • By encouraging small groups and honest sharing.
  • By supporting the supporters (it's a lonely place being a carer).
  • Pray for healing. Sometimes God heals immediately, but more often it is a process - and it may be that God will use you in that healing.

Nell (Tunbridge Wells)

GBWA(SE) Conference - March 2007

The conference was held on Saturday 21st March 2007 at the Union Chapel in Bethersden. Sharon James spoke on the subject "Totally Addicted to God." The first session dealt with various 'addictions' that draw us away from God,Conference

Addiction to pleasure
Addiction to shopping
Addiction to seeking approval

We were then given helpful antidotes to these addictions:

A Godly use of time
A Godly use of money
A Godly fear and a desire for God's approval.

In the second session we considered Psalm 63 where the Psalmist was completely taken up with God in spite of the many difficulties he was facing.

In the afternoon there were a number workshops to consider the practical implications of what was learnt.

Conference session

"The more we love God the less we will love the world. The more we love God the more we will value His approval and the more we will be able to withstand the pressure brought to bear upon us by the approval of our peers, or the rewards of society." (The Open Bible Institute)


GBWA(SE) Conference - March 2006

The second Kent Women's Day Conference was held on Saturday 18 March 2006 at Union Chapel, Bethersden.

About 90 women attended from approximately 15 different churches. In the morning, Jen Watkins spoke on 'Women of faith, hope and love'. She looked at a number of women from the Bible, including Rahab, Martha, Sarah, Hannah and Mary Magdalene. There were workshops in the afternoon looking at the practical implications of the morning sessions. The day was very much enjoyed and spiritually encouraging and challenging.